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We are a group of professional people believing in the need of a high quality service as the only way to offer you an excelent stay. Our team is highly qualified and experienced in group coordination, organization of sport and country activities, social and business events, gastronomy and hotel keeping.

Angel Estrada:

Angel Estrada is the estancia manager. He comes from one of the most traditional families in the District of Monte. He is an economist, polo player, horse and cattle breeder. At present he is well known as the coordinator of one of the best duck huntings in the world.

Ángel has a great commitment to service and a deep love for horses. He gives personalized treatment to all his guests.

Lilí Miccio:

Lilí, Angel’s wife, architect and interior designer, adds her knowledge to the estancia management.

She is in charge of hosting, house-keeping and gastronomy in the estancia.